Measure yourself for an L2 Lateral Line Putter

Lateral Line Putting at the Old course of St. Andrews

The pure pendulum motion requires

         a proper fitting L2 putter

Stand erect with your stroking arm, ( left arm for right handers) parallel to the floor with your palm down.                                    

Aligning the L2 from behind the ball gives you a perfect setup.


Take a tape measure and extend it to the floor and use the measurement to find your putter length.

The U.S.G.A. rules state that a putter lie angle must be at least 10 degrees shy of vertical, which means the lie angle of the L2 will be no more than 80 degrees. This rule does not impair the motion but instead positions the ball under the stroking arm shoulder producing a pendulum motion.

A 6' golfer,  (pictured here) measures for a 48" putter.

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