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The original Lateral Line putter. The purest stroke in golf!


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L2 PUTTERS conform to U.S.G.A and R.&A rules
L2 Putters are the best golf putters for sale online.

If you are searching for a high MOI putter, we're glad you found the L2 stand-up
putter. The highest MOI in golf!

Making the putts that matter is a critical strategy in your golf game. Get it right, and you can dominate your competition. Make a few simple miscalculations, and you'll struggle and find yourself behind by a few strokes. We're here to help you get it right with what we believe are the best golf putters available.

Fundamentally, traditional putting is flawed. How so? The first flaw is in the way you aim the ball, the putter face, and the line. In conventional putting, you look down at the ball and then rotate your head to find the line and the hole. That leaves room for all sorts of errors. If you are off by even 1.5 degrees on an 8-foot putt, you'll miss the hole.

The best golf putters available online

  • Many consider the L2 putters to be the best golf putters for sale because they are stand-up putters that you can place, let go and aim for the hole from behind the ball. Looking right down the line instead of looking at it from the side.

    The second flaw comes from the variables introduced by the human body. Your stance, grip, the attempt at a perfect pendulum motion; each has variables that are beyond your control. With the L2 putters, we work to remove the "human variables" to achieve a more consistent, accurate putt. Every single time.

    Plus, because the L2 is a high MOI putter with a large sweet spot, the transfer of energy from the putter face to the ball is efficient, and the accuracy is significantly improved when compared to old-fashioned putters.

  • How to get lower golf scores

  • You are here because you are looking for something different, you want to improve your golf game and take strokes off your score. You are looking for the best golf putters, and with the L2 line of high MOI putter, you've found them.

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