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Our number one priority is for you to become a better putter by using our products. To support this commitment, if you find you are having trouble adjusting to the changes necessary to accomplish this we will;

  1. Guarantee the quality of all products sold on our site for a period of 6 months after purchase. We will replace any product found to have production defects during this time.
  2. Continue to enhance our instruction and information found on our websites, in order to present to you the best way to benefit from the unique L2 Putter design.
  3. John makes himself very available to answer questions both on line and on the phone. He will discuss your issues with you, and together, develop a program for you. We have several e-mail addresses and phone numbers available.
  4. If after you receive your L2 package and find that the standard L2 Putter does not fit your style or stroke, You can take advantage of the 30 day custom upgrade opportunity, or if you find the Lateral Line system is not for you, return the entire package in good condition within 30 DAYS for a refund minus a 15.00 restocking fee.Lateral Line LLC. reserves the right to determine the condition of your returned product. *The return policy does not apply to the L2 Custom Traditional Putter.

The L2 putters require a commitment. It is in this commitment that the L2 will be able to do its part to improve your putting and lower your score. The average small, light putters in use today, allow for a great deal of small muscle manipulation and lie angle variations. If you apply these same small muscles to the L2, you will find yourself fighting with the weight, lie angle, and momentum of the motion. By utilizing the design qualities of the L2, you will find a consistent, repeatable motion that will stay with you under any conditions.

  John M. Ambrose President Lateral Line LLC

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