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                                      " STAND ALONE " ALIGNMENT - HIGHEST M.O.I.-                                    3 1/2" SWEET SPOT ZONE


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Stand alone capability produces  perfect alignment for the putter and you!

sale $159.00

reg. $199.00


Customize an MOI MAXX including choices of lengths, lie angle and grips

sale $179.00

reg. $230.00

    L2 Lateral Line

A counter balanced grip weight of 400 grams along with a customized length option.

sale $159.00 

reg. $189.00


 Check-go-pro spin balancer including extra marker


Our patented grips starting at  $17.99


Most premium putters on the market are designed to cater to looks, sound, and who is using it on the tour, which does very little to actually help you putt better. L2 putters are designed  based on the principles of physics. By maximizing Moment Of Inertia, (MOI) with an increase in both size AND weight, head stability and momentum capability is dramatically increased which means better distance control, and alignment that can actually improve your stroke and overall putting performance. The inability  to trust a small, lightweight putter causes most golfers to putt with a hitting motion rather than stroking one. It is the size and weight of the L2 putter that makes the magic happen. The gravity-fed motion of the L2 provides maximum stability for optimum distance and direction. It's time to experience a gravity fed, tempo driven, pendulum motion.  You will putt with more confidence and lower your score, guaranteed!

The L2 Difference

What is the Moment of Inertia?

The Moment Of Inertia of a putter is a measurement of its resistance to twisting around its shaft axis as it travels through the stroke. The Higher the MOI, the more stable the putter will be. To maximize MOI, club head weight needs to be increased as toe to heel width is expanded, to create perimeter weighting which increases the sweet spot zone of the face as it adds a twist resistant stability to the putter at ball impact and throughout the stroke.

This is the L2 Putter advantage

By combining size and weight to our patented head design, the L2 Putter eliminates off center hits producing a consistent touch and feel to maximize distance control while maintaining directional accuracy!

Physics Based Features

Head weight 620 grams (average putter 360 grams)

Toe to heel dimensions of 6.25 in. provides maximum stability (average putter is 3 1/2 - 4 in.)

Sweet Spot Zone measures 3.5 in.(average putter is only .7 in.)

Parallel alignment marks frame the track line to the cup

Stand-up capability provides easy alignment from behind the ball

Sole design allows a variable face loft as it supports better body alignment

Insert is composed of Lexan, (same material used for bullet proof glass) along with a durable powder coated head

Allows for looking at the hole and target line for distance control

Stops twisting and turning  on off-center hits

Largest  “sweet zone” in golf

Custom grips with a shape and weight for any style preference

“2016 Best New Products - PGA.com and Golflife.com PGA Merchandise Show”


Your satisfaction and performance is our priority




free shipping in the 48 states

free shipping in the 48 states
L2 Lateral Line
free shipping in the 48 states

Praise from our Clients

Hello, my name is Britton  Munoz. I am a 52-year-old visually impaired golfer. I am legally blind and my vision is very blurry.  I recently purchased a L2 traditional putter and have been using it for the last four days. I am still getting used to the weight but my putting has become more accurate  and improved. I actually shot in 93 on Monday and my putting helped or four-man team take first  place in  our Tuesday League tournament.  I am so excited to get use to it and use it more.  The more comfortable I get with it see how much better my short game can be. you made a great product.  Additionally, the white  alignment lines are great  for  A visually impaired golfer  My coach aligns the alignment lines since the putter stands up and then I get behind and putt, You have a great product.


Hey John, Just wanted to say how much I love the L2 MOI Maxx putter with the XL grip. This has and will ever change my putting. The fact it stands upright by itself behind the ball, makes sure I am always lined up correctly is a huge plus. I never have to second guess my line. All I have to do is maintain the right back swing and follow through like a pendulum and it's as good as in. I looked at other heavy, high MOI putters, some were way too complicated with all the weights, this one is perfect and so happy I bought it. I tend to always be around the hole if it doesn't go in on long putt sand short putts within 5-7 feet, I feel I can drain them all. You have a customer for life and keep doing what your doing because its fantastic."


I won my age division in the Arizona Golf Association Northern Amateur this past weekend. I did not have my best ball striking but my putting was great! In fact, the second day I think I only took 12 or 13 putts on the back nine! I made about a 7 foot very fast downhill putt on the 17th hole and about a 10 foot birdie putt on 18 to win by two shots! I can safely say that my putting won me the tournament. Thanks again for your help.

sincerely yours,

Dave R.

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