L2 Putters is taking the golfing community by storm. We are constantly adding new editorials as they are published from various publications within our industry. Simply check on any Logo to read the editorial about L2 Putters. Check back often for new editorials.

  • Golf News Net 

    If you're a former anchor putter and you're finding that counter-balanced solutions aren't effective and aren't heavy enough to prevent twitching and pulling putts, then you should look at the L2.

  •  Hacker's paradise 

    While it is easy to be hung up on the size, it does back up the performance characteristics which it touts.

  • Golf Life 

    (Best New Products 2016 PGA show)

    I feel that the L2 Traditional putter is a very good putter with some very strong design characteristics that make it an interesting putter.

     American Golfer 

    A consistent smooth, pendulum tempo is the greatest asset of the Lateral Line putting stroke. The same tempo that only varies in length to determine distance gives a golfer a yip-proof motion.

    The Sand Trap

    I love Johns putter, but I love the putting system even more.

  • GolfTest USA (Five star rating and seal of approval)

  • GolfTest USA has tested many putters in the past ten years. Because the L2 Lateral Line Putter is different from most other styles of putters, it is one that should be considered by any golfer who has struggled in the past to improve their putting performance.
  • Len Ziehm on Golf 

    It’s the heaviest putter I’ve ever tested and comes with a disclaimer: “This putter is not for everyone, only those players who wish to improve their overall putting skills.’’

  • Golfer Gear Weekly 

    As advertised the L2 is forgiving, perhaps the most forgiving we have ever tested though admittedly that’s a subjective judgment. What is without question though, if you are having problems making solid contact, beset by the “twitches” or still looking for a replacement for your banned belly or broomstick there could be some distinct benefits from this putter.

  • The Golf Biz 

    Enter science and a new trend in putting technology. The physics-inspired L2 MOI MAXX putter incorporates size and weight into a perimeter weighted design engineered for one purpose – to make putting more simple and to lower scores.

  •  LinksNation 

     (Best New Products 2016 PGA show)

    Yes it's way too big. Yes it's way too heavy. Yes it doesn't look like a Scotty, a Bettinardi, or even an Odyssey for that matter, but for those who are searching for an answer to the new USGA anchoring ban, or are just struggling to make a consistent stroke, John Ambrose might have created your solution.

    PGA.com   (Best Putters 2016 PGA show)

  • 30% higher MOI then the next highest rated Putter.
  • I've fallen in love with this putter.

  •  Until The Next Tee 

    Folks, have an open mind. If you’re in the market for a product that will help your game and lower your scores then look no further than L2 Putters and its MOI MAXX model. Maybe “size does matter” after all. I have long been “pro-heavy” and the MOI MAXX simply reinforces that belief further and simply holes more putts.

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