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Performance Based on Physics

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L2 Putters


Improve Your Alignment, Tempo and Distance Control.

Experience Pure Pendulum Putting

Performance Based On Physics

L2 Putters are a "physics inspired" design. With the highest M.O.I. in the industry, the L2 is engineered with one purpose, to lower scores. The size and weight of the head is what makes the L2 different from conventional putters. Thanks to the extreme perimeter weighted design, not only is the MOI dramatically increased , but the extreme head stability dramatically improves distance and direction. It’s pure science that makes putting simple. The overall club balance along with the center face balance, allows for a Side Saddle putting style as well. Our face forward, Lateral Line stroke, combined with the big and heavy L2 putter, gives golfers more style options than any putter on the market.

The L2 putters high MOI and large impact zone (3.5 inches) allows for the greatest amount of “forgiveness” on off-center hits. Simultaneously, these design features enables the stroke size to determine distance without compromising direction and encourages an effortless, natural, pendulum stroke. Combine this with the MOI MAXX "stand alone capability" for better alignment, and what you have is a putter that will truly change your game.

Think Big Bertha vs. a Ben Hogan persimmon driver. Finally, this same golf technology has evolved from the tee box to the green. The L2 is proof. Improve your alignment, direction accuracy, and distance control. If you want BETTER results … try something BETTER! The L2 Putter will give you the confidence to putt like a Tour Pro and lower your score.


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The L2 Difference

What is the Moment of Inertia?

The Moment Of Inertia of a putter is a measurement of its resistance to twisting on off center hits. The Higher the MOI, the more stable the putter will be. To maximize MOI, club head weight needs to be increased as toe to heel width is expanded, to create perimeter weighting which increases the sweet spot zone of the face as it adds a twist resistant stability to the putter throughout the stroke.

This is the L2 Putter advantage.

By combining size and weight to our patented head design, the L2 Putter eliminates off center hits for a consistent touch and feel to maximize the distance and directional control!

Physics Based Features

Head weight 620 grams (average putter 360 grams)

Toe to heel dimensions of 6.25 in. provides maximum stability (average putter is 5 in.)

Sweet Spot Zone measures 3.5 in.(average putter is only .7 in.)

Parallel alignment marks frame the track line to the cup

Stand-up capability provides easy alignment from behind the ball

Sole design allows a variable face loft as it supports better body alignment

Gravity-fed motion for optimum distance control

Worth The Weight

Improve your distance control, alignment and tempo!

Higher MOI for super stability and a solid down-the- line stroke

Stands alone for perfect alignment

Allows for looking at the hole and target line for distance control

Stops twisting, turning &; off-center hits

Consistent “sweet zone” contact

Custom grips with a shape and weight for any style preference

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Finally … a Putter that’s Worth the Weight!

Stop Micromanaging Your Putter ~ Let the L2 Do the Work!

Creates a repeatable, “rhythmic,” yip-proof tempo

Square and XL grips eliminate dominant hand issue

Bypasses fingers, hands, & wrists where tension and nerves impact performance

Increases confidence from inside 3 ft.

Encourages a “pendulum” motion by engaging the big muscles

Provides a “real” alternative to anchor putting.

Stand Alone Design Makes Alignment Easy!